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Thread: The Pride in D.C.

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    Default The Pride in D.C.

    Pretty cool honor for our Pride of the Dakotas... Dr. Kevin Kessler announced today that they're getting the band back together and participating in the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C. next month. The band is also going to perform a short concert at the WWII memorial as well.

    Another feather in the cap for The Pride and for SDSU.

    BTW, they need $40,000 in order to go. So if you'd like to help, here's the linky...

    Just make sure you specify "Pride DC Trip" in the online form.
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    Default Re: The Pride in D.C.

    I thought we had already announced The Pride was going to DC, but whatever. We did only find out recently we are going to play at the WWII Memorial, so maybe they were waiting for that?

    Basically, The Pride is going to DC for Memorial Day because they took forever to announce who was invited to the Inauguration Parade earlier this year (nobody represented South Dakota and we're pretty sure they were planning on us.) If you remember, we raffled off a car during the football season, and we didn't want to raise the money for nothing. This is a great way for the school to be represented (without sports), and we are looking forward to it!
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