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Thread: 2017 Season Expectations

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    Default 2017 Season Expectations

    It seem like the program is going in the right direction. Record win streaks last year, five wrestlers making to NCAA's.

    Projected Lineup:

    125 - Gillette - was on the edge of being a NQ, I am sure it won't be much easier this year but hopefully being at 125 the whole year he will be well adjusted to the weight and make some strides.

    133 - Gross - Round of 12 last year, seemed to wrestle a lot better second half of the season and has continued this off-season, he did look a little small at 141 against some opponents so 133 may be a better weight for him, it will be a challenging weight with several top wrestlers back but I think anything short of All-American would be disappointing.

    141 - Andrade/Pohlmeyer - it looks like we may put out someone undersized at this weight if it is Pohlmeyer hopefully he gains some good experience for the future.

    149 - A. Kocer - NQ last year, he had a solid year last year hopefully he can have a great senior year.

    157 - Holler/Zilverberg/Peterson - assuming Zilverberg stays up at 165, I would pencil in Holler. A talented wrestler who has struggled to stay healthy in the past. It would be great to see Holler have a breakout season.

    165 - Zilverberg/Holler/Peterson - started out the season really well last year after jumping up to 165. Was injured part way through the season, not sure if he was impacted the rest of the season. He moves well compared to other 165's, hopefully he has put on some muscle and stay healthy.

    174 - D. Kocer - NQ last year, made some nice strides last year. Hopefully, he continues to develop as a wrestler, he seems pretty athletic but will need to develop to make the podium.

    184 - Mueller/Ayers/Carlson - it seems like Mueller is the front-runner for the spot, I think Ayers is red-shirting. Mueller looked pretty athletic at the Dak last year, but still a little raw. Hopefully, he is working hard this off-season. It seems like he has some potential.

    197 - Rotert - NQ last year, he should be ranked at the edge of the top 10 going into the season. I think for his season to be considered a success he will need to make the podium.

    285 - Macki - battled hard against some good competition. Hopefully, he is developing some offense so he turn some those close losses in to victories.

    Am I missing any potential starters?

    Dual season:
    Expectation: Beat NDSU and Wyoming, lose to top teams
    Continued growth: Beat Iowa State or Oklahoma
    Huge strides: Beat both Iowa State and Oklahoma or knock off another top 15 team

    Expectation: 5 NCAA qualifiers
    Continued growth: 1 All-american or 6 or 7 NQ's
    Huge strides: 2 or 3 All-americans or 8 NQ's

    I think the team should continue to be a solid dual team. In order to make strides at NCAA's, wrestlers will need to make the podium. I think there is a good chance Bono gets his first All-american at SDSU this year, if he get 2 or more that would be huge.

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    Default Re: 2017 Season Expectations

    Nice work. I hope to attend a dual or two this year. Maybe Midco will televise a few?

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    Default Re: 2017 Season Expectations

    Quote Originally Posted by 2002jack View Post
    Nice work. I hope to attend a dual or two this year. Maybe Midco will televise a few?

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    Last year all home dual were broadcast on this is a fee based service around $20/month so it is pretty resonable.

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    Default Re: 2017 Season Expectations

    Isn't Andrade at 125? And couldn't he battle Gillette for that spot?
    Could A.Kocer move down to 141? I thought I read/heard that it was a possibility. If he did could Holler move down to 149, then Peterson/Zilverberg could fill in at 157/165.

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    Default Re: 2017 Season Expectations

    Quote Originally Posted by UWMandSDSU View Post
    Isn't Andrade at 125? And couldn't he battle Gillette for that spot?
    Could A.Kocer move down to 141? I thought I read/heard that it was a possibility. If he did could Holler move down to 149, then Peterson/Zilverberg could fill in at 157/165.
    He had previously been at 125. Definitely a possibility. When Gross was going to go 141, I thought I heard he would go 133. Personally, I think Gillette would be the favorite to win the 125 spot but I am sure both Andrade and Gillette think they would have the best chance to successful at 125.

    Yeah, on paper I think it would be great if A. Kocer could drop and be successful at 141 his senior year. I think I heard an interview of Bono talking about a couple year ago when Kocer wrestled 141 and how it was a mistake to have him try it. He ended up finishing the year at 149.

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    Default Re: 2017 Season Expectations

    Bye might also be in the mix at 165lbs

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    Default Re: 2017 Season Expectations

    Flo came out with their team rankings today.
    ISU is #18....Minnesota is #11.... Iowa is #3....Ok St is #1....Oklahoma is #17.....Viginia Tech is #4.

    Using Wrestlestats dual comparison tool they have ISU winning 20-12. This is a very winable dual. It has ISU winning 6 matches. It has Hall beating Gross which is a toss-up.
    ISU is heavily favored at 184 and 285. We need to keep those to decisions. This should be a fun dual to watch that first week at home.

    They have Minnesota winning 24-9 with them winning 7 matches. This will be a tough dual at MN. SDSU lost 20-13 last year. It has SDSU winning at 133, 165, and 184. It has Ayers at 184 though and we know now he is redshirting. I feel 125 will be close. 149, 157, and 174 are toss-ups. We will need to win all three. Minnesota is heavily favored at 141, 197, and 285. We need to keep those to decisions if we have any chance to win this dual. Everyone will have to be on their game for SDSU to pull off the upset.

    We wrestle #3 Iowa at home and they have Iowa winning 33-6. We lost 28-15 last year in Iowa. We are only favored to win at 165 and 197. This will be a fun dual to be at since Iowa will probably bring quite a few fans. This is a big dual for each of our guys. A big test against big bad Iowa. Lets you know where you stand.

    We wrestle #1 OKlahoma State in Stillwater. We lost 20-15 last year at home. It has us losing all 10 matches. Brock vs Gross should be close. Kocer vs Collica will be close. 5-3 last year.
    Smith vs Holler should be close. Zilverberg only lost 6-1 to Dieringer last year tho C Rogers is a big move guy but it still should be close. 174 should be close. Kocer lost to J Rogers by 1 last year. 197 is a toss-up. Another big test to see where you stand as a team and individually.

    We wrestle # 17 Oklahoma at home in February. It has us losing 23-12. They have Oklaoma winning 6 matches. They have SDSU winning at 125, 133, 184, and 197.
    149 will be a big match. Kocer split with Jeffries last year. Holler can win at 157. 174 will be close. Reed won 9-4 last year. This is a dual we can win at home.

    We travel to #4 Virginia Tech. We lost 20-16 last year. They have us losing 20-12. On paper this should be a blowout. VT has 4 returning AA's from last year. 5 when you include Dance who was a 2014 AA. They have 8 returning NQ's. Last year they had back-ups at 149 and 157. I don't feel it will be as close this year.
    Our best chance for wins come at 133, 149, 157, 165 and 197.

    Should be another fun year of Jackrabbit wrestling

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    Default Re: 2017 Season Expectations

    Rep points for you latdrop. Love the wrestling team, but don't get much time to do the research you have provided! Thanks.

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    Default Re: 2017 Season Expectations

    Coach Bono remarks during media day. Said most weight classes have been determined with the exception of 141.

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    Default Re: 2017 Season Expectations

    SDSU has their first dual in 2 weeks vs Iowa State. I will try to give an objective breakdown of the matches even though I will be pulling for SDSU.

    125. Kyle Larson(23-17) vs Ben Gillette(20-13)...Larson will be the favorite here. These two have met twice in their careers. Larson has won both by fall in 2013 and by a
    10-4 decision at the conference meet last March. Larson wins. ISU 3 SDSU 0

    133. #5 Earl Hall(33-9) vs #6 Seth Gross(26-14)...This will be the marquee match of the night. Hall finished last year as an AA with a 7th place finish at 133 while Gross made the R12 at 141. It will be a contrast of styles. Hall is a slick takedown artist with big move ability and Gross is counter wrestler who is difficult to finish on. Gross will need to keep this close as Hall has shown a tendency to fade in the 3rd period. I think this is a toss-up which we need to win. It will be interesting how well Gross handles the cut and then competing an hour later. I will give Gross the win on 3rd period scramble for 2 to end the match. ISU 3 SDSU 3

    Gabe Moreno(11-9) vs Zeke Andrade(0-0)...Flo has Moreno coming down from 149. He is coming back from an injury in January. He did pin Alex Kocer at Midlands last year. He will be a big favorite in this match. Moreno by major or more. ISU 7 SDSU 3

    149. John Meeks(13-12) vs Alex Kocer(24-12)....These two met at conference last year with Kocer coming away with a 1-0 win. Based on that scored it looks like a toss -up match and a huge one for SDSU if they have any plans on knocking off ISU. Kocer has to win and I think he does it in front of the home crowd. Kocer by decision ISU 7 SDSU 6

    Colston DiBlasi(15-5) vs Colin Holler(3-1).... Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer could also be here for ISU. Holler has been injury plagued for his first 3 years. When he was healthy he majored #10 Cimato of Drexel and went toe to toe with Depalma(KSU) (AA 5th last yr)....Kindig(OSU)(AA 2nd '15) and Houdashelt(MO)('15 Nat'l Champ) and Habat(Edinboro)(AA 2nd '15). Holler should pick Holler up the win here. ISU 7 SDSU 9

    Drew Pestano(24-15) vs Luke Zilverberg(22-12)....Pestano was a NQ last year at 184. He will be a big 165lber. Luke needs to fill out that tall slender frame of his.
    Luke only lost 6-1 vs Dieringer last year. This is a tough one to pick. I'm going with Pestano here because I think he will be more physical. ISU 10 SDSU 9

    174. #7 Lelund Weatherspoon(27-13) vs David Kocer(30-13)...Weatherspoon was an AA 6th place last year. These two wrestled twice last year with Weatherspoon coming out on top both times 3-2 and 4-1. This is a big match early for Kocer. He needs to prove he can beat a top 10 guy and a returning AA for his own confidence. It can be done. We need Kocer to pull off the upset for us to have a chance to win this dual. I'm going with the upset at home in front of a raucus crowd. ISU 10 SDSU 12

    184. #7 Patrick Downey(11-4) vs Martin Mueller(8-2)....Downey was an AA 5th last year. He is a very good greco guy. You do not want to go upstairs with him or you might get planted. This will be a very tough first match for Mueller. He was looking promising last year until he was sidelined with an injury. I hope he can keep this to a decision which I think he will. Downey by decision. ISU 13 SDSU 12

    #17 Marcus Harrington(6-8) vs #9 Nate Rotert(27-11)....This should be a closed match based on their results with common opponents. It would be great if Rotert could get the major but I feel he will win by decision. ISU 13 SDSU 15

    285. Quean Smith(16-7) vs Alex Macki(7-19)....It will good if Macki can win half his matches this year. He kept the majority of his losses to decisions last year which I feel he can accomplish here. Smith by decision. ISU 16 SDSU 15

    It should be a very competetive dual and a fun home opener for the fans. It would be great to start the year off with a win over a top 20 team!
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