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  • An Awesome look Back

    South Dakota State University Alumni Association - S.D. State star finds strength after her devastating losses (

    I was looking around for stuff to read about the rabbits. IDK maybe this was re released somewhere (the alum magazine? i have not gotten my most recent one yet) for some reason and everyone is finding it easily?? but i was surprised to find it. HAPPILY surprised!!!

    another one of my all time ALL TIME favs!! Jenn is probably in my all time starting 5 rabbits WBB players

    here is another kid like Tucker Kraft, proving that it is not all about money, and that not EVERYONE is looking for the next big thing to go find some other place. i am really hoping that K Garry can have the same type of success for the men that she had and that the jacks can get more and more kids like these going forward!!

    since it is pretty dead around here (MBB, WBB, and spring football over, and never too much talk about baseball, softball, or track) i look forward to your reactions to the article and or maybe some of the players you remember most fondly or even your starting fives

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    Written by the late Mel Antonen. Cool story I don’t believe I’ve read it. I knew she lost both parents. Can’t imagine how hard that would be at 21. My dad passed away in January and I’m almost 40. It’s tough thinking about my daughter likely not remembering him similar to Jenn having no memories of her mom.