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  • Big Honor for AJ . Great way to increase visibility for AJ and the program with the top players in the country.

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    Re: Big Honor for AJ

    Originally posted by bigticket1 View Post . Great way to increase visibility for AJ and the program with the top players in the country.
    Great honor for AJ to be chosen, and a great opportunity, he deserves the recognition and the honor,Congrats to AJ. I must say, I'll be watching the team with much interest, I'm sure they'll do great!


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      Re: Big Honor for AJ

      Cool opportunity that will only raise his profile and the profile of our WBB program.

      It's so great that AJ has stuck with SDSU. Hopefully everyone has taken a moment to appreciate that. I always thought that if he got a team to the Sweet 16 he'd be employed elsewhere before the he even returned with the team to Brookings. You know he's had inquiries. It's especially refreshing this year to have the stability he provides in a see of turmoil around both men's and women's basketball nationwide.


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        Re: Big Honor for AJ

        Was thinking about AJ today and how he must feel like a kid in a candy store, 1/2 way thru his court coaching duties with two USA National teams. Not only is it a great honor to be asked to be a court coach of 66 of the best players in the country, it's such a tremendous opportunity for him to be able to coach these very good athletes all together under one roof. It is something a coach must dream about doing, so glad AJ got his chance to fulfill that dream.It's a great thing for our WBB program also, to have our coach fulfilling such a prestigious position and being able to evaluate and teach such fine young athletes and learn from such a great opportunity.With the way we schedule , we might see some of these players taking on our Jackrabbits in the near future. I'm sure it's not his job to scout players, but rather to help train them, but, there's no law against taking mental notes on how certain players react to situations, or note their tendencies if they have any, jus thinking out loud.....


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          Re: Big Honor for AJ

          The USA U 19 team AJ helped train won the FIBA world U19 Championship today beating Australia, it was a fantastic game by both teams, both teams had chances to win and USA finally did in OT 74-70.I would recommend anyone with ESPN+ to watch the replay, this is what competing in athletics is all about, both teams fought hard to the very end, it was back and forth the whole game , 1/2 way through the third quarter there were already 19 lead changes in the game.The refs let them play and only called the fouls that needed to be called.Fun game to watch, too many missed layups by both teams, but Australia couldn't afford them as much obviously,..... again, great game.


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            Re: Big Honor for AJ

            Don't know where to post this, but since AJ has been at the helm for nearly half of all of SDSU's victories, I thought this is as good of a spot as any.

            The NCAA released a story on September 5th that reported that 12 teams have recorded 1,000 wins in the history of their programs. SDSU did not make that list,..... yet. SDSU has won 995 games, which, rank 14th all-time. Let me repeat that, SDSU is 14th out of 351 teams in Division 1 in total wins. That is a huge statement to the success of the program!

            Tennessee - 1,363 wins
            UConn - 1,153
            Louisiana Tech - 1,124
            James Madison - 1,123
            Stanford - 1,091
            Texas - 1,088
            Stephen F. Austin - 1, 080
            Old Dominion - 1,060
            Ohio State - 1,040
            Green Bay - 1,005
            Western Kentucky - 1,004
            Maryland - 1,001
            Notre Dame - 999
            SDSU - 995
            Georgia - 980
            North Carolina - 969
            Belmont - 968

            I looked at a little history of SDSU's program and the wins have obviously come since I first attended SDSU in 1982. (I suspect my role has not been as significant as AJ's or Nancy Neiber.) Prior to Nancy taking over the reigns of the program in 1984, the Jackrabbits had come off of back-to-back seasons of 8-17. They still had managed to win 225 wins versus 128 losses prior to her arrival. Under her hall of fame career, her teams compiled a record of 304 - 140.

            Under AJ's leadership the team has won 75% of their games, going 469 - 156.