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  • In case you didn't notice

    Something more than a little bit amazing happened yesterday in the second game against Saint Thomas

    the jacks won the game by run rule in five innings. that is not the amazing part. they have done that many times already this conference season

    but in a FIVE inning game one of the jacks two stud sophomore pitchers, Tori Kniesche struck out THIRTEEN batters in her 3rd no hitter of her career

    in case you are not putting that all together, there were only 15 outs in the game by the jacks defense and 13 of them were on strikeouts by the pitcher. the defense basically could have played this game without their gloves except for the pitcher and catcher

    and St Thomas is not grossly bad. they were in 5th place in the conference coming into games this weekend

    it still feels a bit like the girls are not quite firing on all cylinders this year, but they are having a still very dominant season. they are on a 12 game winning streak, in the conference, and last week dominated 3rd place NDSU, who has been the softball power in the conference prior to last year
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    by the way the 3rd game of the series started at noon today. Tori is pitching again and through the first two innings, i am pretty sure, she has struck out 6. i am not positive. i have the game on radio while i work and i might not have heard that correct, but i think she has struck out all 6 batters


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      9 strikeouts through 3 innings today. she has face 10 batters and walked one. there has not been a ball in play. once again the defense could just stay in the dugout.

      jacks are up 3-0 coming to bat in the bottom of the 3rd

      summit league POY from last year Cylie Halvorson has batted twice today and has two HR after leading off the bottom of 3rd with a solo to left

      likely summit POY this year, jacks SS Rozelyn Carillo had an RBI single in the second inning. that gives her a hit in 21 games in a row, which is a program record. all three of these players are sophomores.

      so probably some boosters at ucla or oklahoma or florida state are preparing NIL packages at this very moment


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        through 4 innings she has struck out all 12. and as tyler said, "she is not doing this against the sisters of the poor." St Thomas is not terrible i mean they are not ucla or anything of course!! but they have had a respectable year

        going back to yesterday, the last 19 batters faced by tori, she has walked 1 and struck out 18

        she needs to pay the batters to stop scoring runs so that this game can go to regulation and see if she can put up 21 Ks

        currently 4 to 0 with jacks batting in bottom of the 4th. the jacks batted in 9 innings yesterday and 3 today. so far they have scored in every single inning of this series that they have batted


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          14 Ks through 5 innings. that is a new program record for Ks in one game, breaking the record she set yesterday

          first batter of the inning hit a weak pop up that had no chance to be a hit. it was caught easily for the first out, but did end the streak of every out in the last 6 innings of the series coming via the K.

          jacks currently up 5-0. starting CF Jocelyn Carillo hit a solo HR in bottom of 4th. Jocelyn is a third year sophomore due to the covid year. her sister Rozelyn is a true sophomore. they should both be on the all conference team with Rozelyn a great possibility to be POY


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            Another no-hitter for Kniesche, this time with 20 strikeouts! 5th career no-hitter for the sophomore.


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              Tori strikes out all 6 batters in the 6th and 7th. TWENTY Ks out of 21 outs!!

              she faced 22 batters. walked one in the 2nd inning. first batter in the 5th hit a weak pop up in foul territory that was caught for the other out

              NOT A SINGLE BALL put into play in fair territory!! Tori is probably thinking about beating up the teammate who caught that foul and robbed her of the chance to have 21 Ks for all 21 outs of the game. HAHAHA

              i said the game yesterday was her 3rd career no hitter i guess it was her 4th and today was her 5th

              i am going to take a wild guess and say she will probably be the summit league pitcher of the week.

              consecutive no hitters.
              only TWO balls put into play in fair territory
              two walks yesterday and one walk today kept her from consecutive perfect games

              pitched 12 innings. 36 outs and 33 of them via the K

              the jacks have arguably the two best pitchers in the league. the other girl in the discussion would be Meyer from UNO. she had a game earlier in the year with 19 Ks so Tori topped that today for the highest single game K total on the season. i do not know if there is a 21 K game in conference history or if Tori 20 today is the record. i would bet there is a pretty fair chance this is the first time a pitcher has thrown back to back no hitters or struck out 33 batters in two consecutive games

              other notes

              the jacks had 3 homers today that gives them at least 68 for the season. IDK if the league updated that number already ( they seem to update stats pretty fast ). if not updated then they have 71 on the year. they hit 73 last year which was a school and i believe a conference record. the next highest HR total in the conference is St Thomas with 30

              they are in the top 20 maybe even top 15 nationally for HRs

              and at the same time, i think the game today was the 16th time the pitchers and defense (obviously basically all the pitcher in the last two games) have held the opponent scoreless. that is top 15 and maybe even 10 nationally

              one potentially negative development. leadoff batter Daugherty did leave the game today after two innings. Tyler never gave any indication if it was an injury or something else. she had been coming on strong the last couple weeks after some early injuries leading to a slow start. she had just moved back into the leadoff spot in the last handful of games. i would have to go back and look at box scores but maybe even yesterday were her first games back in that spot


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                Unsurprisingly, Tori Kniesche is the Summit League Pitcher of the Week. 12 innings, 33 strikeouts, 3 walks, 0 hits. Only the 14th player in NCAA D1 history to record 20 or more strikeouts in a seven inning game.

                Cheyanne Masteron was the Player of the Week, going 6-8 with 3 homeruns and 6 RBI.


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                  The jacks won game one against UND today

                  they need one more win or a loss by omaha to clinch the regular season championship and #1 seed for SLT

                  Tori will be in the circle for game 2. she had 12 NO HIT innings last week. how many innings can she keep it going today?? i would have to go back and look from the week before, but even then i am not sure i could see when is the last inning she gave up a hit. i think maybe the most i could find is the last inning she gave up a run

                  i cannot watch or listen to the next game so i will have to check out the stats later, but i imagine that tyler will tell on the radio how many consecutive no hit innings she has at the moment

                  R Carillo did get a rbi single in the sixth to continue her hit streak. 22 games in a row i think but maybe 23. L Culver had her 9th homer of the year in the first, 3 rbi to pretty much decide the game


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                    Well Badass you and i might be the only ones who care about this and we probably both already know what happened

                    but in case it matters

                    Tori had a no hitter through 1.1 innings all four outs by K
                    second batter in second inning had a double the ONLY hit and ONLY person to reach base!!!
                    she went on to get the next 4 outs by K! so the first 8 outs of the game were by K and 15 overall

                    that means in her last 3 games a total of 19 innings and 57 outs
                    she has allowed ONE hit and three walks
                    and struck out 48 that is FORTY FREAKING EIGHT!!

                    R Carillo did get another hit to continue the hitting streak
                    scored 2 runs in the bottom of the sixth to win 2-0
                    NO homers in the game, which is a big rarity, but i think they are at 70 for the year in 46 games and more than double the total of any other team in the summit and close to top 15 in the country i believe

                    two wins today clinches reg. season champs and top seed for the SLT

                    Meyer from omaha is also having a great year in the circle!! and probably still slightly better overall stats than Tori
                    but strictly against summit competition Tori has been clearly the best pitcher in the conference!! so i dont know how they weight summit games vs non summit games when voting for things like Pitcher of the Year

                    i do NOT know why Meyer has better stats in OOC games?? did omaha play a lot weaker OOC schedule than the jacks?? or did Tori just have a little bit of a slower start to the season?? whatever it was i hope she can keep pitching like she has the last 3 games all the way through the world series!!

                    i would think the jacks have a VERY solid chance to advance out of the regional!! and i am sure the super regional would be tough, but if they get this type of pitching going forward that is a BIG KEY


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                      During the Jackrabbit Auction, the young women on the softball team were reminding that the tournament runs May 11- May 14 in Brookings. They are definitely looking for some people support with more home games on schedule. There is also a final game on Mother's Day game at 11 am for those not able to take their mothers to dinner.
                      Best to remember these are kids and they are doing everything they can to entertain us, be scholars, and all in all be great humans. Jackedforlife