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GDT: Prairie View A & M vs SDSU 7pm Frost Arena Jackrabbit All Access

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  • GDT: Prairie View A & M vs SDSU 7pm Frost Arena Jackrabbit All Access

    The Panthers come to Frost following a brutal road campaign. 6 road games and 1 neutral location against Michigan, Ok State, Loyola Marymount, St Mary, San Francisco, Texas Tech, & Grand Canyon which equals 0-7. This team is likely to bring some game following this experience. Coach Byron Smith is entering 8th season on the coaching staff and 5 years as the head coach. They have had success in the SWAC since his arrival. #22 Daniels is a 1rst team preseason choice. The Panthers are picked 2nd in the SWAC. The Jackrabbits should have the bruises healed with nearly a full week since the Crossover. It will be great to see any improvements for tonight's game. Go Jacks!!
    Best to remember these are kids and they are doing everything they can to entertain us, be scholars, and all in all be great humans. Jackedforlife

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    Last I knew everyone was "happy and healthy". FWIW


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      David Wingett seems to have really gotten out of the rotation. Did not see many meaningful minutes in Sioux Falls.


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        Jacks need to play much better defense in the future. Played lazily after the initial run.


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          Not a good look when you take the starters out with a 20 point lead and have to bring them back with a minute left and a 7 point lead. Fortunately it didn't cost us the W. Practice may be a little more intense tomorrow than it would have been if they had finished the game strong.


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            Very up and down game. Played really well in stretches, and then lost focus.

            A little credit to Prarie View as they kept playing hard. Even when the Jacks went on their early run to get up by 23 (with 8 mins left in the first half), they were playing Hard.

            Prarie View has played a brutal schedule so far. So they are probably better than their record would suggest.

            Not a great performance from the Jackrabbits, which is ok at this point... things to work on. Sometimes a game like this is better than a 30+ point win. The guys know they have improvements to make.


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              Im not sure what to feel when you score 99 and didnt play well. But giving up 90 is just way to much. Strange to see such high scoring games compared to the nagy years.

              This team knows they need to play better Defense. I was hoping to see that happen this year but its just not coming through yet. Offense sure can go hot and cold but wow can they put up points. probably best shooting team we have had. When your bench guys can knock in shots at a high clip you know your doing well.

              To bad we cant get Nagys Defense and this teams offense. That would be amazing.
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                There have definitely been some periods of poor defense the last couple years but you also have to take into account how fast they play and the number of "extra" possessions that style give the opposing team. Compare our offense to NDSU. They don't run the good ol' weave much any more but they still love to pass the ball around outside the arc for 25 seconds before really looking to shoot. Last night's game vs Creighton was almost comical in that regard. It was a glaring difference from the SDSU offensive strategy that works to produce shots ASAP.

                Still, tighten it up. This team has the tools that a mid-major needs to do some damage in the NCAA tournament but they better be able to defend if there's an off shooting night in Sioux Falls. We know how that goes...


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                  Hendo did NOT sound like a happy coach on the radio postgame. "That was not a championship effort" was one of the main takeaway quotes.

                  I have a feeling that Minnesota-Morris will not particularly enjoy their time in Frost on Friday.
                  "I think we'll be OK"