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    Re: Tennis cut

    Originally posted by slosho View Post
    I think you might have this thought backwards, We (May have) needed the extra Female $$ here to compensate for Wrestling or Football.
    Oops! Sorry I did have it backwards.


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      Re: Tennis cut

      Originally posted by Nidaros View Post
      Ironic, UND keeping both men and women tennis, SDSU is dropping.
      It helps that they have an indoor facility dedicated to tennis where they even host meets.


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        Re: Tennis cut

        Given the financial pressures in the athletic program, much of it by significant leaps in the scholarship bill, I think it was a good idea to cut the program(s). Most people have never seen a tennis match and really don't care to see one.


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          Re: Tennis cut

          The reality is most likely that Sell looked around the landscape of college athletics, looked at how many sports are sponsored by most schools, and compared what we have to what his vision for where SDSU can go off of that and decided that we sponsor too many sports as an athletic department. Then it made sense to drop the sport we currently have no facilities for. I also don’t mind the attitude that if we aren’t going to give the athletes a division 1 experiences shouldn’t offer the sport. Although the overall budget for tennis might be fairly low, to get them what they needed to be functioning at a DI level would be a hefty chunk of change. Unfortunately, just throwing up a pole barn and putting nets in it doesn’t quite cut it. It really sucks to do to the coaches and players, but in the long run it seems like a wise decision. I don’t think anyone is “happy” about it as goon suggested, but there are some who probably think it was the right decision. Myself included.

          Just a quick overview of what other schools sponsor for number of sports.

          USeD: 17
          NDSU: 16
          UND: 17
          Denver: 17
          UNO: 16
          WIU: 19
          SIU: 16
          Drake: 18
          UNI: 15
          Creighton: 14
          Wichita St: 15
          Gonzaga: 18
          Montana: 15
          Montana St: 13
          Illinois St: 19

          Minnesota: 23
          Wisconsin: 23
          Nebraska: 22
          Iowa: 24
          Iowa St: 16!
          Illinois: 21
          Purdue: 18
          Michigan: 30....My God
          Ohio St: 37....Can you offer more than 37?
          West Virginia: 16
          TCU: 18
          Kansas St: 16
          Kansas: 16
          Texas: 18

          SDSU: 19-was 21

          My point being that we sponsor/ed almost as many sports as B1G schools. We sponsor more than every Big XII team I looked up. WE SPONSOR MORE SPORTS THAN THE TEXAS LONGHORNS. Holy crap Batman. On a Summit League budget. I know we do way more with less, but my goodness. It sucks to take opportunities from student athletes, but we should be realistic.

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            Re: Tennis cut

            Originally posted by trueblue View Post
            It helps that they have an indoor facility dedicated to tennis where they even host meets.
            Yes it does! We have none.