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Jackrabbit Journal - Episode 14 (Midco Sports Network)

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  • Jackrabbit Journal - Episode 14 (Midco Sports Network)

    A day late...but still available! The latest episode of Jackrabbit Journal (if you care to watch) is available here:

    Segment 1: Host Tom Nieman & analyst Hank McCall discuss the Jacks' playoff loss to Montana. Plus, I (David Brown) have a recap with postgame sound from Missoula.

    Segment 2: Tom & Hank analyze the first half at Montana.

    Segment 3
    : Tom & Hank analyze the second half at Montana.

    Segment 4: A discussion on the FCS playoff scheduling, plus hear Coach Stig's infamous postgame answer about how he felt getting Montana as a first round draw.

    Segment 5: A rundown of the all-conference honors the Jackrabbits received.

    We will have one more episode for the football season next week, recapping the entire season and going over the top plays of the year. After that, we'll take a holiday break and resume with new episodes in the beginning of January for basketball season. I will post those in the men's / women's basketball threads respectively.

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    Re: Jackrabbit Journal - Episode 14 (Midco Sports Network)

    As usual that was very well done.......kinda depressing but still well done.

    Thought Stig's answer about getting shipped to Montana was spot on. It isn't fair to those student-athletes. To an organization like the NCAA,it's such a odd place for them to try to say a couple bucks.