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  • The bet

    Tailgating in the "Backyard" a Jackrabbit and Bison (notice the horns) strike up a conversation about who is going to win the Dakota Marker game. Bugs explains to Elmer that the Bison are going to lose just like the last time they came to Brookings. Elmer says he doesn't think so and makes a wager.

    After the game Bugs is helping our NDSU fan get ready to pay off his bet. Those Bison are such good sports. Who knew you could find a Bison Green dress in his size on such short notice. If you see an ugly women in a Bison green dress at Cubby's after the game, don't ask to buy her a drink.

    Go Jackrabbits, beat the Bison! ;D

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    Re: The bet

    Won't that be all of the Bison Women(UGLY)..LOL...

    You are giving them to much credit 89rabbit!! 8)