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  • Memo to JBNJBQ


          Here is something for you to ponder:

    My last two posts have almost 50 replies and over 1,000 views.

    Your last two post have 0 , I repeat zero replies and less than 100 views.

          Translation:  Even your own people don't think your
    funny. Calling people idiots and your picture smack isn't funny anymore, if it ever was, and yet you continue you to do it.  I am going to reset a definition for you:

    Insanity :  Doing the same thing over and over again with similar results.

         I plead with you to come up with something that is fresh and unique. I assume that you graduated or are going to SDSU which some have called the Harvard of the midwest. I would hope that you would put that education to use and come up with something creative and somewhat funny. Maybe I am asking too much. My second grade daughter is taking a computer class where they have taught them how to surf the net and how to copy and paste. In otherwards she would have the ability to run smack as well as you. Hell, I went to UNO which some people on this board have questioned their academics and yet I can come up with unique and what your own people have called some funny smack.
                In closing, I will remind you that you school has gone D1 , so why has your smack remained NAIA or worse? Don't continue to let me make you look foolish on your own messageboard.


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    Re: Memo to JBNJBQ

    Originally posted by Mavericks#1
    I am going to reset a definition for you:

    Insanity :  Doing the same thing over and over again with similar results.


    The quote you are trying to use says:

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting DIFFERENT results!

    You are definitely an IDIOT!!!!!

    You have proven it, over and over, time after time!!!!

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D



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      Re: Memo to JBNJBQ

      My impression of a JBNJBQ smack post

      Mavstink and Big Fat jake

                 Your Idiots, will always be idiots, your both from Iowa:





      Ha Ha Ha

      Here is a picture of Mavstink and Big Fart Jake at their new jobs

                                   Insert picture




                                  working at

                                 Burger King

      By the way did I tell you guys that you are idiots,idiots,idiots!!  In fact everyone that gets on this board is an idiot. Hell, even I am an idiot. I just love saying that word: Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot .......

      Big Stink and fat mav here is a test to see how big of an idiots your are

      1. You are an idiot

      2.  If you don't think you are an idiot refer to #1

      Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!!

      Here is a picture of Big fat Mav Stink and Loser Jake at their new job from  Can't you tell that I just love these picture websites. They're awesome dude!!


                                      picture of

                                    guy working

                                   at Mcdonald's

      Its fun

      doing sentences that

      includes the spelling

      of the word

      the idiot in them

       Read the first letter of each line vertically. Isn't that just awesome. I laughed the whole time I was doing it.

      In closing, I would just like to tell Mavstink and big farting jake that they are the biggest idiots that I know.


      P.S   Hey guys, I am getting a little mad because no one is viewing my posts or spending time to reply to them  either. Don't you guys think I am funny anymore? I just can't understand how people couldn't find calling people idiots and posting hilarious pictures not to be funny


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        Re: Memo to JBNJBQ

        Hey Maverdink:

        You forgot the smiling faces! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


        ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D



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          Re: Memo to JBNJBQ

          He certainly must have gotten to you and I think that was his goal 8)


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            Re: Memo to JBNJBQ

            Originally posted by Jacks99
            He certainly must have gotten to you and I think that was his goal 8)
            If his goal was to annoy everyone with his grade school smack then you are right--mission accomplished. There is a lot of good smack being tossed around on this board then JBNJBQ gets on and posts a picture from I know you guys will try to stick up for him, since he is one of yours, but I'm sure even you guys are annoyed by his antics. He is an embarrassment to the SDSU education system. It almost makes me wonder if he isn't a State hater posing as a State fan to make State people look stupid.


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              Re: Memo to JBNJBQ

              Mav1 - Don't be too hard on JBNJBQ. My 8 year old son doesn't find his stuff funny any longer. I guess he is too mature for his humor. My 4 year old daughter though still thinks he is quite funny!! I am flat out convinced he is not an sdsu alumnus but probably a student or some local resident of Brookings who is fan but doesn't have the intellectual ability to get into sdsu.
              Be nice to the Jack fans people - they are feeling a lot of pain these days for a variety of reasons. Pity the Jacks!!


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                Re: Memo to JBNJBQ

                Fat Jake and Maverstink #1 are always following each other around!


                It's a pretty unhealthy relationship!

                Now it appears there are three?

                Sports_buff is definitely Josh Mueller. He is the only one I know that likes to play sports in the buff. Welcome back to the board Josh! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D