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This weeks biggest exaggeration

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  • This weeks biggest exaggeration

    Often there are comments on this board that are quite thought provoking and insightful. At other times there are comments that are nothing short of "over the top". After your BSC fiasco I have learned to be more discerning in what I believe on this site bc I assumed that you were as good as in the BSC.
    This week under the sdsu/ndsu game thread there was a comment from one of your supporters that eventually you are going to need a new bb arena but only after the sellouts begin. I would imagine if any of the fundraisers/bean counters at sdsu read that they probably went into cardiac arrest thinking of those challenges. It is not like you don't already have enough on your plate. Now if you are talking a new arena 50 years in the future then I guess you are right but do we need to comment that far into the future. But if it is anything less than 20 where is the money going to come from especially since you are drawing "uno"esque numbers these days. You people may be fabulously successful one day although I tend to think it will be on about the level of the Roos. At that level Frost will do just fine for the next 50 years with a few improvements. That fan gets my vote for this weeks most outlandish comment. I won't name him bc I am trying to be a kinder gentler poster.