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  • Let's tone it down

    *from the Moderator

    Things seem to be getting a little dicey on the old smack board. I would like to ask everyone to tone the language, personal comments, questionable cartoons, and trolling down. I am asking everyone to please practice a little self moderation. Your assistance with this matter will be appreciated. Remember we have kids visiting our site. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Let's tone it down

    consider it done 89. To show that I can be nice sometimes unlike cartoon boy, here is an article on a Omaha kid who is considering SDSU.


    Tarpinian plans to pick school this summer



    Another Millard North quarterback is being pursued by a Division I school and being asked to move to defense.

    Jeff Tarpinian, left, playing last season against Omaha Westside, is expected to be Millard North's starting quarterback this fall.

    Senior-to-be Jeff Tarpinian, who is expected to start at QB for the Mustangs this fall, holds offers from Iowa State and Colorado State, both of which are looking at him as a defensive back. He said he also considers Iowa and Kansas as top contenders for his commitment.

    "Iowa State definitely moved up the ladder since they were the first to offer," Tarpinian said. "Colorado State is a nice school, too."

    Tarpinian was Millard North's starting quarterback through six games last season before a shoulder injury forced him out of action. The 6-foot-3, 200-pounder said he is good friends with Adam Shada, a former Mustang quarterback and current Iowa Hawkeye cornerback.

    "I talk to Adam a lot," Tarpinian said. "When I go up to the Iowa camp, I think I'm going to try to stay with him."

    Tarpinian said he's talked mostly to Iowa State receivers coach Mike Grant, a former Nebraska quarterback.

    "He'll tell you the truth no matter what," Tarpinian said. "I spent like 30 minutes with him on the phone the other day, just talking about his glory days and that type of stuff. He's a real down-to-earth guy."

    Tarpinian expects to pick a college sometime before the season.

    "I want to make a decision before my senior year starts so I can focus on the season," he said. "But I also want to wait until I've been to all four schools and met with the coaches.

    "Getting those first couple of offers really took a lot of pressure off me."

    Buda impressed

    Sandy Buda is no stranger to football in the Omaha area. And the former University of Nebraska at Omaha head coach was impressed with what he saw at last week's Omaha Outback Camp at UNO.

    "I think the thing that stuck out the most was the amount of talent at the lineman position," Buda said. "There's some pretty good talent in the city of Omaha this year."

    Among the linemen of note at the Outback Camp were Omaha Central's D.J. Jones and Omaha Burke's Ricky Henry, both of whom will be seniors in the fall and have committed to Nebraska. They are ranked as the top two recruits in the state according to

    Buda also was impressed with Omaha Burke quarterback Jared Hyland. The 6-6 senior-to-be was named the top quarterback at a camp this week in Kearney.

    "Being so tall gives him a different perspective of the field," Burke coach Jack Oholendt said. "The ball also comes in at a different angle, kind of down into the receivers. It's almost a downhill motion."

    Hyland said he has talked to Nebraska assistant coaches Scott Downing and Jay Norvell and will take part in the Huskers' Elite Quarterback Academy June 18 to 20. He's also heard from Iowa State, South Dakota State and the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

    World-Herald staff writer Doug Thomas contributed to this report.


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      Re: Let's tone it down

      I suggest you change your picture. That, in itself, is antagonistic and mean spirited as have most of your pictures been.
      "You just stood their screaming. Fearing no one was listening to you. Hearing only what you wanna hear. Knowing only what you heard." Metallica


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        Re: Let's tone it down

        Mavs' picture and caption are also factually incorrect, since it was clearly established on this board that the study he cited didn't really measure rates of obesity, but ranked EFFORTS to control childhood obesity (legislation, regulation, etc.) As was noted in that thread, Nebraska actually fares worse in rates of adult obesity than South Dakota, not that either state has much to brag about.

        So he misread the original study, ignored the discussion here that clearly showed he had misread it, and now chooses to highlight his ignorance every time he posts with that insensitive picture and 'funny' caption.


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          Re: Let's tone it down

          Come on OK-Rabbit, you can't blame Mav for miss interpreting that study. He has a UNO education. UNO is a commuter school. He probably attended using their correspondence courses they are so famous for. You can not hold him accountable for not being able to comprehend that study. It is way over his little pea-brain to comprehend.

          Also if I can give you some advice OK-Rabbit, if you want to communicate with a UNO educated person, you have to type your words really S-L-O-W-L-Y, so they can follow along. It may take a little longer to post your thoughts, but it may help in Mav's inability to comprehend.

          Good Luck

          ;D ;D ;D ;D

          Go State
          (")_(") Feed the Rabbit!!