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How would San Diago do against SDSU?

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  • How would San Diago do against SDSU?

    I think SDSU would beat their ASS myself. The big difference is the schedule. SDSU jumped into 1AA & are agressive in upgrading their schedule where USD is content with being a mid-major 1AA team which in my book is on par with a D2 team.

    USD fan wants to know why at 11-0 42ppg 480 ypg isnt near top 20 in 1aa. whats u SDSU guys know about USD. Why dont they upgrade there schedule by playing SDSU, NDSU, Montana, Montana St. Portland etc.

    Nebraska won alot of titles in the old days with that offense and saw the need to will have a game. If GSU were to play USD who can score on anybody and quickly, change. It's NAVY's defense that made last years team so good.

    To gsuwinsperiod:
    Your offense is so "high school". if it was such a good offense why don't they run it in the nfl ? Out here on the west coast, alot of high schools are dropping it because it has become easy to defend. Defenses are taught to not over pursue , stay at home and have the LB closest to the QB put a hit on him everytime whether the QB has the ball or not. The DL are also taught to cut off the guards early string the play out horizontally and let the LBs cleanup. Run a base 4-4 stack defense so it can shift into a 6-2 during pursuit. This results in a cover 3 pass defense which can handle any playaction passing.The mistake a lot of defenses make is that they get too deep into the backfield and the play goes underneath. With a 4-4 stack you contain the LOS withut crossing the LOS. But in my opinion its not your offense that makes GSU a strong team its your defense due to your overall team speed. If Morehead scores early and doesn't fall behind and they continue to pound your QB on every play, you that ball control offense wouldn't work because it's not a come from behind type offense. Teams have tried that on USD and as soon as that team gets behind they are in deep trouble. GSU will probably win but not by as much as you think.

    You just validated my point about the qb. He has so many yards because he keeps the ball 75% of the time. Like I said if the defense spies the little qb and pops his butt on every play they will force a turnover or cause mistakes. I'm not saying that Morehead will beat GSU but if they paly the 4-4,pop the qb, don't over pursue into the backfield and they keep the flow in front of them, MSU will make it a close game. And the point you still don't seem to be getting is that GSU hasn't won squat in the past 5 years and you are 6-3 this year. That Wendy's triple burger offense will NOT win a National Championship. Come out of the past and participate in the present. gsu you are growin old and don't even know it.
    Nebraska won alot of titles in the old days with that offense and saw the need to will have a game. If GSU were to play USD who can score on anybody and quickly, change. It's NAVY's defense that made last years team so good.

    Hey Morehead, all you gotta do is tackle their little qb on every play and you will be right 75% of the time. In the triple whatever offense the qb rarely tosses to the trailer and the qb only throws off of play action to the fullback unless he rolls out.
    Stay at home on defense and stay under the flow and it should be a piece of cake to shut them down. Just like New Hampshire did last year in the pouring rain.
    See gsu, you think you know , but you don't. A well coached defense is going to make the option qb make the read that the defense wants him to make and that way the qb does most of the running and the safety of LB is right there stuffin the hole with the little gsu qb in it. Any team with half a brain is going to rather have the qb do the running and not the big mean tailback. The more pops the qb gets the more likely he is going to screw up later in the game. It's real simple, make the qb run the ball so the defense can beat him silly. See gsu , I don't need no schoolin from you, you aint won squat in 5 years and its because teams know how to beat that Wendy's triple burger offense you run. Oh and I'll go biggie on that. Haha.

    Georgia Southern Football - Out weighed, but seldom outplayed

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    Re: How would San Diago do against SDSU?

    What I know is they play in the Pioneer League, the same conference that Valpo plays in, and they don't award scholarships.  SDSU crushed Valpo so bad (Final Score SDSU 69 - Valpo 6) that the Crusaders decided to stop playing I-AA scholarship teams.  USD has also had some trouble with the Ivy League schools on this year's schedule.  They beat Yale (Final Score USD 17 - Yale 14) and lost to Princeton (Final Score Princeton 20 - USD 17).  Last time I checked neither Ivy school is in the Top 20.  

    I personally would love to see USD play the Jackrabbits, or better yet have the Toreros upgrade their program (i/e add scholarships) and join the Great West Football Conference.

    On a side note,  I also know that USD is playing Morehead St. in the Championship game of the Pioneer League.  Morehead St. who takes on your Eagles this weekend just nipped Missouri Rolla last week (Final Score Morehead State 56 - UM-Rolla 55).  This is the same Rolla team that SDSU crushed the week before the Eagles came to Brookings (Final Score SDSU 64 - UM-Rolla 28 ).  You guys will kill Morehead.  Hope that helps.

    Go State!  ;D

    P.S. to answer your question, SDSU would beat USD and probably in a big way.