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Krabbenhoft Parts Ways with Sanford Health

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  • Krabbenhoft Parts Ways with Sanford Health

    Thought this would be a good topic to bring up due to Sanford Health's association with athletics in the Dakotas. I know some people think Krabbenhoft would be a critical part of Augustana moving D1. Will him leaving affect Augie's chances of moving up? Will new leadership affect sponsorship for different athletic events in Sioux Falls and the Dakotas? Curious what others think of all this.

    P.S. Please don't get political here. I think we all understand part of his reasoning for stepping down so we don't need to discuss his opinions on mask wearing.
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    Sanford is heavily invested in athletics in areas under the Sanford Health footprint. It kind of makes them committed to it long-term and you would hope that is the plan anyway. It is also important to note that in Sioux Falls and South Dakota it is everything under the Sanford umbrella including First Premiere Bank and Premier Bank Card. In North Dakota it appears to be under the Sanford Health banner.

    I just can't see them pulling back much given the investment in the facilities they have made. The wildcard is their upcoming merger with InterMountain Health. That could change everything.

    There have been so many that have benefitted greatly by having one of the nation's top philanthropists being in Sioux Falls. Just amazing the things that have happened as a result of T. Denny Sanford's generosity.



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      ... and with Stephanie Herseth jumping ship ... the Augie D1 cause has to be on life support


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        Originally posted by tbcruiser View Post
        ... and with Stephanie Herseth jumping ship ... the Augie D1 cause has to be on life support
        Yes I think it is.