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  1. true that, ill hafta remember to keep a sober driver on speed dial
  2. Oh yea, we've had that problem. Hopefully one of you stays sober enough to go pick up more paint.
  3. yes we did....well i did at least. good thing walmarts there tho incase somehow we run out and need more
  4. That's how I got into it. We were pregaming and someone talked me into it. Did you guys buy the paint yet?
  5. yea thats what Im counting on, get some booze into a few buddies and we should be able to get more people interested
  6. I don't know why so many people are scared to do it. Give them some liquor and usually people are more willing. Hell we've had girls bodypaint with us in the past. And that was the for the NDSU game a couple years ago when it was ridiculously cold
  7. Ill see what we can do.....dunno how many guys are gunna have the balls to do it with us yet...fingers crossed
  8. We usually do something about the team on the front and then something funny on back. Come up with something original.
  9. Alright, will do. Thanks for the tip on the permanent thing I definately would NOT have checked that haha. Great tip for the yellow after too. Thanks a bunch man!
  10. We just bought stuff from the Wal-Mart Arts and Craft section. I can't remember what it was called, but I think the blue color was True Blue. Make sure you do NOT get the permanent stuff. Read the back and that should tell you if it is permanent or not. Also, paint everything blue, let it dry and then paint the yellow letters on, it looks better that way.

    Also be prepared to have to shower like 4 times to get everything off.
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