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  1. Sounds good for you, and that makes me happy. Best of luck to you and hopefully, someday, you'll be back to join us in following the Jacks! (I wish SDSU had countered.)
  2. Thanks Keith. My career has stalled here as I wait for some kind of leadership position to open up. I have had job offers elsewhere every year for the last three years, but I wasn't looking this year until WSU approached me about the Director position at the Elliott School of Communication. I negotiated out of a desire to stay here and got an amazing deal there (including an assistant professorship for my wife) so we waited for SDSU to counter. They elected not to, which was a big disappointment. We would have stayed had they come up with anything decent for us here. But in the end, we are happy with our decision, although we will really miss the people and family we're leaving behind in Brookings. And it'll kill me not to be able to attend Jackrabbit sports. We'll be looking for opportunities to return someday. Thanks for the good wishes. Take care.
  3. Matt: Saw somewhere (age is getting my memory big time) that you are leaving SDSU and Brookings. Hate to see that happen, but happy for you if it is a good thing for you. Want you to know that I have REALLY appreciated what you brought to the journalism/communications program at SDSU. You have been a pioneer leader on the digital world for journalists. Best of luck to you in the future!
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