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04-02-2007, 07:24 AM
Fargo Forum this morning, about a Dakota Marker that found it's way to NDSU. Just some more proof that the Dakota Marker will never leave Fargo. :P ;D It would be cool if you down down there could get one as well and put it up for display on campus.


A Dakota Marker that sat in the Fargo police impound for more than a year will soon have a new home at North Dakota State University. A former NDSU football player brought to Fargo a broken 400-pound monument he found near his family’s ranch in southwest North Dakota. Fargo police confiscated it, but recently released the marker to the Bureau of Land Management, which then agreed to turn it over to NDSU for display. The quartzite monuments were used to establish the North Dakota-South Dakota border in the early 1890s.

A replica of a Dakota Marker is the traveling trophy for the winner for the NDSU-South Dakota State University football game. Dante Miller, NDSU’s student body president, led the university through several hoops to acquire the Dakota Marker, which will become the centerpiece of a redesigned plaza on campus. It all started in 2005, when former football player Adam Palczewski found three Dakota Markers near his family’s ranch south of Scranton, N.D., that had been pulled out of the ground.

Palczewski said the monuments were in a ditch, and he and his father, also an NDSU grad, thought it would be nice for the university to display one because of its significance with the SDSU rivalry. The family got an OK from the North Dakota Historical Society to bring a marker to NDSU, Palczewski said.
His dad used farm equipment to load the marker on a pickup, and they brought it to Palczewski’s home, where it took four football players to unload. The monument was on display in the football players’ front lawn in north Fargo for about a month when police received a call about possible stolen property in October 2005.

Fargo Police Sgt. Jeff Skuza said officers recognized it as government or state property, and they confiscated it just as they would a stolen stop sign. Palczewski faced a charge of possession of stolen property for taking the monument, but the charge was later dismissed.

The marker was with other Fargo police evidence for about 1½ years while police tried to determine who had a claim to it, Skuza said. “We were trying to get rid of it, and nobody would take it,” Skuza said. “We didn’t feel right just throwing it away.”

Miller, who served with Palczewski on student government, worked with Fargo police to write letters to historical societies in North Dakota and South Dakota and the Bureau of Land Management in an effort to get the marker to NDSU. Police released it to the Bureau of Land Management in mid-March. Lonny Bagley, field manager for the Bureau of Land Management, said because the marker is broken from its base, it could not be returned to its original location.

“We felt it would be better to be suited for display,” Bagley said (Read More)

04-02-2007, 07:39 AM
Looks to me like NDSU knows they are going to have to give it to us this fall, so one of your faithful stole a real one. ;) ;D

Go Jackrabbits! :)

04-02-2007, 10:05 AM
Looks to me like NDSU knows they are going to have to give it to us this fall, so one of your faithful stole a real one. ;) ;D

Go Jackrabbits! :)

ha nice, i'm sure thats what's going on ;) keep dreaming.

04-02-2007, 10:24 AM
I think with the talent that both teams have games are going to really close. Obviously at CAS would give you guys the edge due to home field and its late in the season. However with our Walker compareed to with your Kardoes leaving basically makes the game a toss up to me. We will have to see with how the year progresses and injuries and the like.

But this is one Bison fan that is pumped to make the trip. Think about how much CAS will be if we are both tied for the Great West and going for the conference title. It would be like the fargodome last year, -(fireworks) -(being inside) -(overly loud PA--which is bull****) -(magic carpet turf) +(outside) +++(Gold Star Marching Band vs. Pride of the Dakotas--no contest there). See so that is even as well. ;D