View Full Version : Bison Stew with Veggie

10-09-2004, 01:34 PM
Bison Stew with Veggie
1 team of ndsu bison

12 gallons blood, sweat,

52 gallons tears

1 crow

* Veggie maybe substituted by adding any ndsu students, grads or fans --as is same diff.

Place the ndsu Bison in Coughlin Alumni Stadium for approx. 3 hours. Remove when they appear to be pulverized, broken and crying. Add blood, sweat, Veggie, and tears
Once stew is made it will simmer to boil till next fall.

Please note DO NOT add any wine, As this recipe will produce unlimited amounts of it over next year.
Caution: "Do Not Eat" as ndsu bison are feeble, weak, and tender. Bison are not fit for human consumption.