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here is an article that relates to you It is amazing that when Jake and myself stay of this smackboard it becomes as interesting as an insurance seminar. Do you guys have any creativity at all? :'( Somebody come up with some fresh idea's. As tired and boring as you say that I have become at least when I start a post it gets 30-40 responses. JBNJBQ hasn't gotten that many in all of his weak threads that he starts. Maybe I am asking too much of people who are from South Dakota???

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LINCOLN - Scott Downing had no news on his future Thursday afternoon. Wait and see, that's his attitude.

Scott Downing

Downing is one of five finalists for Division I-AA Northern Colorado's head coaching job.

Downing interviewed late last week.

"I'm 49-years-old," Downing said. "I've been an assistant. I've been in a lot of different places. When somebody approaches you and you have an opportunity to talk to them about a head coach (position), you like to bounce your ideas off of them and see what happens."

The other finalists are former Colorado Mines head coach Bob Stitt, Georgia Southern head coach Mike Sewak, Kansas assistant Earnest Collins and Iowa State assistant Tony Alford.

UNC athletic department officials said Thursday the school still is sorting through candidates. A decision isn't necessary until after Jan. 1, 2006, but may come sooner.

The Huskers are scheduled to leave for the Alamo Bowl this morning.

Northern Colorado contacted Downing recently after someone recommended him. He said his goal has always been head coaching. Downing said he doesn't look at every available head coaching position, but Northern Colorado appeals to him for a number of reasons.

The UNC administration, Downing said, is fully supportive of the football program. The Bears are moving this fall to the Big Sky Conference, one of the strongest I-AA conferences in the country. Downing knows the Greeley area after coaching 10 years at Wyoming.

Downing said UNC is in transition. Moving from Division II to I-AA requires a commitment of resources and energy. The challenge excites him.

Northern Colorado, a past Division II national champion, jumped to Division I-AA before the 2003 season. Coach Kay Dalton, 73, was fired Dec. 2 after his sixth season; his team recorded a 4-7 mark and finished last in the Great West Conference.

Downing has been an NCAA Division I assistant coach the past 22 years.

Former Nebraska coach Frank Solich hired him in January 2003 as recruiting coordinator.

Downing was one of two assistants retained by Bill Callahan after Solich's firing 11 months later. He also coaches tight ends and special teams.

Downing, who is married with three teenage sons, is the lowest-paid Husker assistant at an annual $124,228. Dalton made $76,500 last year, but the next UNC coach is expected to surpass that.

Downing, a Kansas City native, hasn't run his own program since 1982-83, when he led his alma mater, NAIA Sterling (Kan.) College.

"I was a head college coach when I was 24-years-old," Downing said. "I learned there was a lot of headaches. I guess I'm used to headaches by now."

Downing came to Nebraska as a graduate assistant and freshman coach briefly in the mid-1980s.

Downing knows the Greeley area after assisting at Wyoming from 1987 to '96. He recruited northern Colorado often and used to drive 90 minutes from Laramie, Wyo., to Greeley to watch Denver Broncos practices in the summer.

He moved to Purdue in 1997, where he was assistant head coach under Joe Tiller. Downing said he was honored to receive consideration from Northern Colorado.

"In my mind, Northern Colorado's a good place, a place worthy of respect."