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08-12-2004, 08:08 AM
Here is a story from the UC-Davis web site. Football season is hear (at least for the players and coaches)


UC Davis Opens Football Practice For 2004 Season
Aggies welcome 90 players to fall camp

Aug. 11, 2004

DAVIS, Calif. - UC Davis coach Bob Biggs and his staff welcomed 90 players to the opening of football practice on Wednesday as the Aggies began preparations for the 2004 season which starts on Sept. 4 against South Dakota State at Toomey Field. . . .

Go State, beat the Aggies! ;D

08-12-2004, 08:15 AM
Another story on the Aggies, looks like they have a big hole to file at QB. Here are some highlights.


Aggie football opens camp

By HANK VERESCHZAGIN, Democrat sports writer
A crisp azure sky and freshly hewn grass greeted the UC Davis football team Wednesday morning just west of Toomey Field.

Before the Aggies could even took the wonderful summer day UC Davis coaches were putting them through the paces.

September 4 is just around the corner. UC Davis kicks off its inaugural season in the Great West Football Conference as host to South Dakota State that night.

"The kids were ready," UC Davis coach Bob Biggs said. "They worked hard during the offseason. The newer kids don't quite understand what hard work means, but they'll learn."

Following the strict guidelines of Division I-AA, UC Davis had to limit its summer camp rosters and must account for every practice hour. . . .

One of the biggest dilemmas facing the offense is finding a starting quarterback.

Some Great West pundits are calling for three - Jon Grant, Matt Engle and Richard Schwartz - to vie for the starting position. . . .

Who steps in to fill those shoes may be a tough question for Biggs to answer in such a short span.

Biggs insists the competition is even stiffer.

"Five possible quarterbacks," he said. "And yes, I have no idea which one will be starting right now."

Knowing the importance getting someone comfortable with running the offense as well as having the other 10 players accustomed to the quarterback's style, Biggs said he can't wait too long.

"We have to start a pecking order," Biggs said. "We have to get the guy in the lead some more snaps. We're going to have to scrutinize a little more closely. We have to start preparing for the first game." . . .

Go State! ;D

08-12-2004, 08:31 AM
I'll take our defense vs their inexperienced QB and our 2nd team all-american QB against any defense. Its my opinion that the defense has the advantage early in the year. I think we should be favored heading out west, if not the spread should be no more than 2 1/2 points.

08-12-2004, 12:13 PM
I too am glad we have UC-Davis coming out of the gate. I think it is a perfect time to play them and I hope we put a lot of pressure on whomever they have at the QB spot.

Go State! ;D

08-12-2004, 06:01 PM
Just thinking on the pad here but it sure seems that it's a better thing to open with UC-Davis instead of the School of Mines and Technology or Southwest State. Am I wrong?

08-23-2004, 06:34 AM
News from wine country.


No clear starter at quarterback
By Michael Mirer/Enterprirse staff writer

The resolution of the UC Davis quarterback question may take more time, but it appears the field has narrowed from five to three. Jon Grant, Matt Engle and Bryan Lee-Lauduski led multiple drives during Saturday's 70-play scrimmage at the practice field.

Each was at the helm for a touchdown drive in the first half of the scrimmage. Aggies head football coach Bob Biggs said after the session that the division of plays reflected his current thinking in the five-way battle for the starting job.

Biggs said earlier this week that he had hoped to pick his starting quarterback as early as today. That self-imposed deadline may pass without a decision. . . .

UCD will scrimmage again Friday night at Toomey Field in the Blue-Gold game. It will be the second of two full-contact tune-ups before the season starts Sept. 4 against Great West Football Conference foe South Dakota State.

Letter of the law: Saturday's scrimmage officials gave the Aggie players a rundown on the rule changes in college football this year.

For fans, the most noticeable difference will likely come on penalty calls. Referees will announce the number of the offending player just as they do in the pros. The change was tested in the Big Sky Conference last fall and adopted for this season.

The most applied change will likely be in the offside rule for kickoffs. Instead of choosing between a re-kick from the 30 and the result of the return, teams will have the option to move the ball ahead five yards from the end the run.

Head coaches will now be able to call time-outs. In the past only a player on the field could ask for a stoppage.

Other focuses will be eliminating webbing between the fingers on gloves receivers wear and discouraging players from taking running jumps when attempting to block kicks. A defender who does that and lands on another player will be assessed a 15-yard personal foul.

Always good to play a team early that has a QB controversy, the longer it drags on the better for SDSU. Also interesting breakdown of the rule changes.

Go State! ;D

08-23-2004, 11:34 AM
All of the rule changes sound positive to me. I think announcing the number of player being charged with the penalty will be very helpful for the fans, and I would think it would be embarrassing for the players who like to take cheap shots. Possibly this public announcement will decrease penalities, but we will have to wait and see.

Also the 5 yard assessment on the off-side kickoffs will speed up the game, but maybe not if you now have three options.

As far as UCD, I think we can expect a tough game. They are often better than what they say they are. We beat them before played them close before and I think we can this time too. A win over UCD would be big for us.